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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

Hmm, this is a tough one. I have many muses. If I am travelling they are architecture and landscapes, but for the most part they can be grouped together under Nature. Everything from flora and fauna, birds and bugs – some bugs mind, of the pretty and non biting variety – and animals, to sunsets and raindrops.

I post so many of these shots that I worry people will become bored, but I can’t help myself; the subject may be the same but the light, the angle, what is going on around or in the back ground, is always different and I feel compelled to capture all of it. It also forces me to live in the moment – turn off all that white noise and chaos – I really am chasing serenity with a lens.

My favourites however are light and water. I actually wrote a post about this a while go. Since it pretty much covers the spirit of this challenge, I am going to repost it as my main Muse

Bright, shiny things!

Water & Light casts a spell that fascinates and mesmerizes me.

Frame after frame, I could sit and shoot the play of light on water for hours.


and a touch of Whimsy