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Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

I took these photos back in 1996. It was my first trip to Ireland. Although I knew it would be emotional, I was not prepared for the State of Mind I would find myself in while there.

As far as I knew, I was the first of my family to step foot back on Irish soil in well over a hundred years. I was also thinking of my dad who had always wanted to “go back” but never got the chance. Being well aware of Ireland’s history, I also felt the burden of it settle over me like a weight – seeing all those crumbling stone cottages, sitting abandoned and forlorn, I could not help but wonder if any of my ancestors had once lived in them – and what their fate might have been.

The weather did not help either –  for the first few days we had rain, wind and fog so thick we had to buy postcards to see what the Ring of Kerry looked like.  It was as it should have been.  I think warm sunny weather for those first few days would have felt somehow – inappropriate, wrong.

The sun did finally find us – and so did the pubs.

All’s well that ends well!