Strawberry Moon?

Took this the night after the full moon

Although it’s not quite full

Thanks to the current heat wave – yes, it really is 96 degreesÂș in the shade

There was a slight pinkish haze around it

The Do It Yourself Photo Challenge

I really miss the Weekly WP Photo Challenge. The fun themes and seeing everyone’s take on them was something I looked forward to each week!

Still a mystery – and counterintuitive – as to why it was abruptly shut down.

Alas, the only sure things in life are death, taxes and not having your camera to hand when that perfect shot comes along!

Maybe if we continue to use the weekly photo challenge hash tag – we can keep the spirit of the challenge alive!?

#weeklyphotochallenge: Waiting for Summer

Fowl Follies

Ohmygawd! They’re at it again

Don’t look…Don’t look!

Are they still at it?


Keep your head down and just keep walking!

Look! There’s Sydney. I’m going over – want to know what all the squawking’s about

Forget it Ray! Not “sharing” anything with you ever again. I’m not that gullible!

Go see if the damn grackle wants a new BFF…..


Jupiter and the Pink Moon

Obviously the moon is not really Pink

It was so named because Pink Ground Phlox

Is one of the first spring flowers to bloom

With the weather around here lately though

Ice or brown moon would be more appropriate!