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The Last Moon of Winter 2017


Waning Gibbous with a bit of a red tinge

Illumination 61%

2 Responses to “The Last Moon of Winter 2017”

  1. Emissary

    I’m obsessed with photographing the moon. I’ve taken a picture of the full moon for the last year…some turned out and others were just bright spots. I would love to see more, if you have them!!!

  2. ChasingSernity

    Thanks very much! I just got the hang of taking good shots of the moon recently. Up until December, I too just got bright spots – no good unless there was some interesting clouds out that night. Now I use my 55-300 lens on f11 -1/320 ISO 100. I do have others on the blog – just search under Moon!
    Your Harvest Moon shot is beautiful!

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