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Adventures in Aperture and Shutter Speed

So, what does one do when stuck inside nursing an elderly mother with a broken wrist?

You play with the Aperture and Shutter Speed settings on your camera of course!

These shots were taken at 10 in the morning

Since the only settings I had memorized were for taking shots of the moon, some fiddling ensued.

I ended up using ISO 100/A22/S4000 – purely through trail and error

These were taken at approx 4 in the afternoon

ISO 400/A 4.8 or 5/S 60/S4000

Actually, I eventually lost track of all the different settings I used

Classic case of can’t leave well enough alone!

Practice will hopefully make perfect!

6 Responses to “Adventures in Aperture and Shutter Speed”

  1. quercuscommunity

    Some great photos there – always good to have time to practice. I’m going to learn to use my camera in 2017 – had it for the best part of a year so I really should make the effort. πŸ™‚

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