Chasing Serenity with a Lens

Nature + A Camera = Therapy/Books, Imagination and Chocolate = Happiness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

When you get five minutes of sun amid days of grey skies and gloomy weather

Getting the shot basically comes down to Now – or never

3 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Now”

  1. macmsue

    Now this made me smile, we’ve had such hot, hot, sunny days that we’ve been pining for some grey sky and gloom. 🙂

  2. ChasingSernity

    Too bad we can’t trade weather for a bit.
    While the gloom has become a bit oppressive, I keep reminding myself that at least we are not buried in snow. The belief that if you’re Canadian equates to a love of winter is not altogether true!

  3. macmsue

    Same goes for Australians and heat! I think it wold be nice if we could have a bit more moderation for both of us. 🙂

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