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Art Imitating Art Series: Venice Canal

The weather in these parts has been nasty – aka, Winter!

I hate Winter!

I especially hate going out in it. Which means – no photography.

Frigid, sub-zero colder than a well digger’s arse weather photography does not work for me.

Literally – nothing works: not my fingers, hands, feet, toes – even my brain freezes.

The camera et al is none too happy either.

So, in an effort to keep inertia from setting in, I have gone exploring

In App land – and

I discovered this:


Actually, I must thank Adamhillstudios for putting this App on my radar and setting me off on this adventure:

Rendering some of my photos into watercolours

Art imitating Art

Here are the results from the first attempt

The original Photo

1. Preset: Natural

2. Bold

3. Luminous

4. Streamlined

5. Travelogue

6. Rainy

7. Colour Bloom

Any favourites?

7 Responses to “Art Imitating Art Series: Venice Canal”

  1. Julia Manuel

    Awww you’re a total doll. Thank you, means a lot to me

  2. pocket of hope

    I think that I like number 7 … that is a very cool app indeed! I bet those water lillies from Bethany would look amazing in watercolour!

  3. Albatz Travel Adventures

    I play around a lot with Waterlogue as well and my usual favourites are Natural, Bold and Colour Bloom, depending on the image. However this particular image seems to suit Travelogue the best – it looks sunny, and like an old postcard…

  4. ChasingSernity

    Thanks. I feel like a kid in a candy store – I go through all the variations several times before I can choose – I usually end up with Natural, Bold or Colour Bloom as well. I have noticed lately however that Natural seems to have been replaced with Vibrant. Thanks for stopping by.

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