Chasing Serenity with a Lens

Nature + A Camera = Therapy/Books, Imagination and Chocolate = Happiness

Bathing Beauties II

6 Responses to “Bathing Beauties II”

  1. Julia Manuel

    Oh how I adore seals…I have a tattoo of seal in Haida art form (west coast Indian). Beautiful captures. Many thanks for visiting & following my new blog ~ I’m honoured & grateful. Peace & love to you, Jules

  2. prionsias

    Thanks for the kind words and thanks so much following my blog as well. Those are great shots of the pigeons around Union – that place is such a disaster and a hazard right now! Peace

  3. prionsias

    Yes it is nice to find a fellow TO blogger on here…doesn’t seem like there are too many, at least that I have found. By the way my sister lives in Antigonish so I know NS pretty well!

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